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By accessing the user automatically adheres to the provisions contained in this document, called Terms of Use, which must be strictly adhered to.

These Terms of Use incorporate the Privacy Policy and the Purchase, Exchange and Return Policy, as well as any other rules or terms that may be set forth on specific pages of the so.plie website and / or communicated to the User upon notice.

So.plie is available to answer any questions.



1.1. User: Anyone browsing the so.plie online store.

1.2. Customer: Any User who establishes a purchase or uses a gift card to purchase products at the so.plie online store.

1.3. Restricted Personal Area: section of so.plie online store accessed by the User by providing a login and password.

1.4. Login: Identification chosen by the User when completing the registration to access the restricted personal area and exclusive features of the so.plie online store.

1.5. Password: Character set that serves as proof of the identity of the User, whose knowledge must be unique and unique.



2.1. The so.plie online store is best viewed with a minimum resolution of 1024 pixels and is compatible with browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 7 or higher; Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, version 3 or higher.

2.2. Unless otherwise stated or notified, the so.plie online store will endeavor to keep all content available 24 (twenty-four) hours per day, 7 (seven) days per week, based on Brasilia official time. However, it does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access to the site.

2.2.1. Eventually the site may not be available due to:

i) technical and / or operational maintenance that require the removal of the site from the air or make it impossible to access it;

ii) acts of God or force majeure;

iii) actions of third parties that prevent the availability of the site;

iv) interruption or suspension of services provided by telecommunications service providers; and

v) occurrences of transmission failures and / or routing in Internet access, among others.



3.1. The registration of the User will imply the creation of a unique navigation profile, which will allow the User access to a restricted personal area, in addition to performing specific activities and participating in loyalty programs.

3.1.2. Information about the processing of personal data provided in the registration process may be obtained from our Privacy Policy.

3.2. By registering, the User undertakes to provide truthful and up-to-date information about himself or her legal guardian, if under the age of eighteen (18), and to keep such information up to date.

3.2.1. The User, therefore, may view and change their registration data at any time later, by accessing their restricted personal area.

3.3. During registration, the User will express his / her express consent to the so.plie online store Terms of Use, through an electronic validation procedure whose registration will be stored securely.

3.4. The User will receive, in his email box, a message regarding the confirmation of his registration in the so.plie online store.

3.5 If the User does not agree with the Terms of Use of the so.plie online store, it will not be possible for him to perform the activities inherent to the exclusive browsing profiles.

3.6. Prior to the official launch of the so.plie online store, specifically for the purpose of promoting it, the User may register his email address (email) in a contact list interested in receiving electronic messages containing information and news. (newsletters).

3.6.1. Following the official launch of the so.plie online store, a User who is not subscribed to the newsletter mailing list may subscribe to it at any time by accessing their restricted personal area.

3.7. In case of forgetfulness, the User may request the sending of his password to his registered email, in the item “Forgotten Password”.



4.1. The contents of the so.plie online store, including, but not limited to, any programs, data, and files, as well as the use of the expression Plié as a trademark, company name, and domain name, are either the exclusive property of Plié or, as the case may be, are adequately covered by license / assignment of use.

4.2. Simply accessing the so.plie online store does not give the User any right to use the contents understood as whole or fraction, which are in, were or will be available.

4.3. Therefore, the content displayed on the so.plie online store may not in any way be copied, distributed, reproduced or disseminated in any way, under penalty of civil and / or criminal liability.

4.4. Authorisations for use involving copying of content available on the so.plie online store may be obtained upon prior request and formal authorisation, provided that the purposes are strictly personal, non-commercial and do not involve modification of the content.

4.5. Any content submitted by the User for publication on the so.plie online store will be the sole and criminal responsibility of the User and may not be construed in any way as an act of so.plie online store.

4.6. So.plie, however, reserves the right not to post as well as remove any content deemed morally or legally inappropriate.

4.7. The eventual withdrawal, even upon request, of any content shall always be understood as a demonstration of prevention of disruption and never as recognition of any infringement by Plié to third parties.

4.8. The images used in the so.plie online store may not reflect the original size or current status of the reproduced content and are for illustration purposes only.

4.9 Commercial use of the expression so.plie as a trademark, trade name or domain name, in addition to the content on the screens on this site, as well as the programs, databases, networks and their files are the property of Plié and are protected. international copyright laws and treaties, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs.

4.10 By accessing this site, visitors declare that they will respect all intellectual property rights and those arising from the protection of trademarks, patents and / or industrial designs, filed or registered on behalf of Plié and its partners.

4.11 It is allowed to make only the temporary archive of this site and its content, being prohibited its use for commercial purposes, advertising or any other that contradicts the reality for which it was created, as defined in these terms and conditions, especially activities that may generate profit to its beneficiary. Reproduction, distribution and dissemination, in whole or in part, of the texts, figures, graphics that make up this site are also prohibited, without the prior express permission of Plié and its partners, and only the printing of copies for personal use and archiving is permitted, without separating the parts that give the true and true understanding of its content and purpose.

4.12 All visitors assume liability, civil and / or criminal, for the misuse and irregular use of information, text, graphics, trademarks, works, images, and finally any intellectual property rights of this site.

4.13 The use of the offered functionalities will be in the form of service provision, giving the visitor no rights to the software used by so.plie or any of its computer structures that support the internet applications.



5.1. The User assumes all the burden and responsibility arising from his actions on the so.plie online store, and is also responsible for the acts that third parties perform on his behalf, through the use of his login and password.

5.2. The User shall indemnify Plié for any damages and damages resulting from his actions or omissions that violate the provisions contained in these Terms of Use or the legal rules in force.

5.3 The User shall navigate in accordance with the conditions and terms governing this site.

5.4 The User shall always, when providing data and information, act with authenticity and truthfulness, under penalty of the application of the applicable criminal and civil laws, which may even result in the nullity of the commercial operations carried out on the site.

5.5 In the event of damage to this Portal or to third parties, the User undertakes to bear all the obligations attributed to him.

5.6 The User must use the resources of this site according to its purpose, under penalty of application of criminal and civil sanctions, and have the account of access to it deleted.



6.1. Due to operational issues, the so.plie online store is subject to possible interruption problems, technical failure and unavailability of temporary operation.

6.1.1. Plié disclaims any liability for damages of any nature that may result from the unavailability or continuity of operation of the so.plie online store.

6.2. The so.plie online store makes its best efforts to ensure the safety and reliability of the so.plie online store and its content, employing a variety of controls to detect, prevent and combat malicious activity.

6.2.1. Therefore, Plié will not be liable for any damages and damages arising from the actions of third parties, the inappropriate conduct of the User and / or in any way that escapes from its surveillance sphere.

6.3. Plié has no responsibility for browsing the User on external websites, even when referenced in the so.plie online store. It is the User's duty to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the website accessed.

6.4. The so.plie online store is not responsible for any unavailability or errors in payment processing through credit cards and affiliated banks.

6.5 If there is any promotional action, which for a material error, contains values disproportionately reduced from the actual value of the merchandise, the so.plie online store will not be required to honor the advertised values or conditions. Since the principle of good faith has not been understood, the purchase will be canceled, in accordance with the decisions of our Courts.

6.6 Visitors are responsible for providing the means necessary to navigate this site.



7.1. The contents contained in the so.plie and the User is responsible for verifying them whenever a new access is made.

7.2. Tolerance for any failure to comply with any of the items herein shall not constitute novation nor prevent or inhibit their enforceability at any time.

7.3 This website is intended to present and market products created, produced or commercially represented by Plié.

7.4 Visitors are not allowed to access the programming areas of this site, its database or any other set of information not intended for the public.

7.5 This site is designed to present and market products to end users and is not intended for sale to other national or international retailers.

7.6 The so.plie website is not responsible for acts performed by visitors to its Portal, each of them having their responsibility imputed according to the quality of the platform used.



8.1 Tolerance of any breach of any of the terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a novation of the obligations set forth herein, nor will it prevent or render them unenforceable at any time.

8.2 The official time of the site is Brasilia, for the purpose of defining the date and time of the celebration of any legal business or any other act.

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